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Prajit Sindhkar
2 min readApr 4, 2022

Hello guys👋👋 ,Prajit here from the BUG XS Team and Cyber Sapiens United LLP Cybersecurity and Red Team Intern, in this I am regularly given some interesting tasks, In my 22th task I was given to research about Dome an subdomain enumeration tool.


Dome is a subdomain enumeration tool written in python, which has two modes of operation active and passive to obtain subdomains and search for open ports.

7 different resolvers/nameservers including google, cloudfare (fastest), Quad9 and cisco DNS (use — resolvers filename.txt to use a custom list of resolvers, one per line)

Up to 21 different OSINT sources.

Custom Port scanning and built-in params for Top100,Top1000 and Top Web ports.

Colored and uncolored output for easy read


git clone

cd Dome

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

You can even add APIs of different sources into config.api to get results from more sources.

Commands to run & output:

  1. Passive Mode:

2. Active Mode:

This is all for today’s writeup.

Thanks For Reading 😊

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