Some Tools for Subdomain Enumeration-Cyber Sapiens Internship Task-5

Part-A : Tools for Subdomain Enumeration

1. Cero: Cero will connect to remote hosts, and read domain names from the certificates provided during TLS handshake. Cero allows flexible specification of targets, including domain names, IP addresses, and CIDR ranges, with full support for IPv6. This is one of the best tool when it comes to enumeration of subdomains via CIDR Range.

Part-B : Google Dorks for Sensitive Information Disclosure

1. inurl:pastebin “SHODAN_API_KEY”

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Prajit Sindhkar

Prajit Sindhkar

I am a India Based Security Researcher, Bugcrowd Top 500 Hacker and Bug Bounty Leader of the BUGXS Community