Favorite Hackers and Hacking Groups-Cyber Sapiens Internship Task-1

Part-1: Top 5 Favorite Hackers

  1. Kevin Mitnick: Kevin Mitnick is one of the famous hackers who was able to completely turn his life from being a most wanted illegal hacker to being a famous and successful ethical hacker.

Part-2: Top 3 Favourite Hacker Groups

  1. Anonymous : Of course, if we are talking about famous hacker groups and Anonymous isn’t mentioned, that isn’t possible. This is one of the most famous and widely supported hacker group.

Part-3: Top 5 Favourite Cyber Attacks

1. World Health Organization :

Part-4 : Interesting 5 Cybersecurity Related Quotes :

1. “Digital freedom stops where that of users begins… Nowadays, digital evolution must no longer be offered to a customer in trade-off between privacy and security. Privacy is not for sale, it’s a valuable asset to protect.”

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Prajit Sindhkar

Prajit Sindhkar

I am a India Based Security Researcher, Bugcrowd Top 500 Hacker and Bug Bounty Leader of the BUGXS Community